Timebot Stars

Timebot is looking for Stars! If you think you have what it takes you could win $5,000! Thats right, be the first person on Timebot to reach 5,000 followers and not only will you become the first Timebot Star, but you’ll walk away with $5,000! 

On Timebot, everyone has an equal chance of being a Star. Unlike other social media apps, you can’t automatically be a star because of who you are, you have to earn it. To be a Star on Timebot, you have to truly be a star, and when you are, you’ll be treated like one!

To be a Timebot Star, you have to be someone that a lot of other people can connect with. Whether you’re an artist, a beautiful model, a funny comedian, a restaurant blogger, or the everyday person who gives everyone a smile, if you put in the effort and the time, you will be rewarded.

Here are the requirements of becoming a Timebot Star:

Becoming a Star *

  • Have at least 5,000 followers at all times
  • Post at least 1 unique Time or Sync a week
  • Follow our Terms and Conditions
  • Maintain a public Timebot account at all times

Star Rewards **

  • The first Timebot Star (i.e. Next to 5,000 followers) will receive $5,000
  • Have your Time and Sync posts show up in the exclusive Stars filter
  • Receive recognition on our website
  • More perks are coming soon* Requirements are subject to change at any time. Timebot reserves the right to revoke Star status at any time for any or no reason. Each month we will review your status. If you fail to meet the requirements by the end of the month you will no longer be a Star for the following month. Once you meet the requirements again, your Star status will be reinstated. For example… if you fall under 5,000 followers, you will no longer be a Star until you reach 5,000 followers again.

** Star Rewards are subject to change at any time. Upon reaching Star status, Timebot will review your account to make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements.

***Users nearing 5,000 followers can contact us at contact@mytimebot.com

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